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Safari Niagara

August 10, 2014

Back in June, my cousin and I headed down to Safari Niagara to check it out, and take some photos of the animals. It was my first time there, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. The only thing I really knew about it was that a bear had escaped years ago, causing quite a bit of panic.

There’s free parking at Safari Niagara, which is great for families, and the admission isn’t bad. We got in for free, because I had special tickets, but even if you have to pay full price, I think it’s pretty well worth it. They have a good selection of animals, and do shows at various times throughout the day.

So first up, are my photos from the farm area, where they house a selection of stereotypical barnyard animals like goats, chickens, rabbits, and ponies, as well as my personal favourite, an alpaca. The majority of my photos were of the alpaca, because he was just so awesome. The smirk he had on his face totally made my day.

The Farm

The Safari is home to more big cats than I originally expected, including tigers, lions, bobcats, and jaguars. The wolves were probably the saddest looking animals there, but the zebras were among the best.

Felines, Canines, and Equines

For some reason, the lions and tigers thought my cousin looked tasty, and followed him wherever he went. Yes, the school kids that were there thought that the lion was a cheetah.

You’re able to get really close to the giraffes at the safari, providing they’re near the fence. There’s food there for them, so I can imagine they spend a good amount of their time looking cute to get fed, and there were plenty of people willing to give them something. The giraffes were one of my favourites at the safari (second to the alpaca, of course).


I also never knew that giraffes had such long, black tongues!

Near the big cats, they had a lot of smaller animals, such as monkeys and lemurs. I wasn’t really able to get any good photos of the monkeys, but they were pretty active. The lemurs were adorable! The camels were pretty far from the fence, so they were hard to see, but it was easy to get a good view of both the hippos and rhinos. I never realized what beautiful eyes deer can have, and the buck trotted up and down the fence line, greeting everyone who came over to look at him and his friends.

An Assortment of Animals

A good amount of the animals at the safari are birds. We attended their “Birds of Prey” show which was really well done. It was informative enough to be interesting, but not long enough to be boring. Sure, it’s geared towards kids, but we learned a bit too! The lady bird handler was great, and made sure to give every section ample opportunities to take photos.

Birds, Birds, Birds

Aside from the animals, Safari Niagara has a lot of stuff for kids to do, including paddle boats, kite flying, small rides, a ropes course, and a splash pad. The only downside I really found was that there was a lot of walking with no shade, so while it wasn’t too bad the day we went, I can imagine it gets pretty toasty on some of the roads in the park of the summer! On the plus side, they do have a tram that’s included in the cost of your ticket that you can hop on if you so desire.

The animals seemed pretty well taken care of, at least for a zoo. One of the tigers passed away while we were there, but according to the paper it was due to old age. I would go again, especially to try and get some different shots of the animals!

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