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Toilet Paper Rebel

February 26, 2014

The other day I brought a fresh pack of toilet paper home from the pharmacy. It was just sitting in the bathroom, and I happened to notice that on one side it had “How to” instructions.

Then I learned that I had been using toilet paper all wrong.

toiletpaper1 toiletpaper2


Take 4 to 6 pieces by tearing along the perforated lines. (Please decide how much to use based on the situation, and your personal preference).

Fold the toilet paper back and forth into the size of the palm of your hand and use it to absorb the excess liquid.

So I guess that means the grab, wipe, and go method isn’t the right way to be doing it? I’m a toilet paper rebel as I don’t adhere to any of this folding it neatly in the palm of your hand business; who has time for that?

I should note that this toilet paper is specifically advertised to be used with a bidet / washlet, which is why it’s “shower” toilet paper, and is supposed to be extra absorbent. It’s also available in pink, but not at the pharmacy I usually go to. Too bad, because I totally would get it in pink.

So here’s the big question, does your toilet paper come with instructions? If it does, what do they say? I’ve been asking a few friends to check the packaging on their paper, but so far no one has come back with any how-to tips.

In many public washrooms here you’ll also find the following sign:


It makes you wonder how many people had made a mess in the bathroom for a sign like this to be posted…

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  • Reply Dan February 27, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    I enjoy my toilet paper like my toilet seats: on my butt 😀

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