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May 20, 2013

When you think of “stereotypical Japanese things”, what comes to mind? I imagine that many would respond with sushi, samurai, green tea, chopsticks, cherry blossoms, and technology.

Japan has become synonymous with technology, and it’s an association that has been well earned. Despite the abundant technological advances that have been made here, it’s not like every day life is overrun with robots, and insane gadgets. The craziest that I personally experience on a daily basis are smartphones, and electronically embellished toilets. A lot of the time you forget how much technology Japan really has.

This post is dedicated to a few spiffy inventions that have made me smile. I’ll be the first to admit that they may not be overly surprising, but they make me happy. If it makes you smile, then it’s done a good job.
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Suntory brewery tour

November 24, 2011

We didn’t really have any plans for Monday, so instead of spending a lazy day inside, we decided to venture out into the chilly air, and headed to the Suntory Musashino Brewery for a tour. To go on a tour, you just need to call ahead of time to make a reservation. It’s free, so as long as you can be there twenty minutes before the tour time you choose, you’re good to go.

The facility itself is really nice. When you go into the visitor reception area, they have a shop with all sorts of Suntory goods, as well as a beautiful display for their the Premium Malt’s line. We checked in, go our brochures, took a look around the store and then waited for our tour to start.
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