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Toilet Paper Rebel

February 26, 2014

The other day I brought a fresh pack of toilet paper home from the pharmacy. It was just sitting in the bathroom, and I happened to notice that on one side it had “How to” instructions.

Then I learned that I had been using toilet paper all wrong.

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March 10, 2013

Friday was a lovely March night, and I was getting ready to teach my last class of the day. This particular class is comprised of students between the ages of twelve to fourteen. They have pretty high level English skills, and they’re all great kids.

The clock (we don’t have a bell, we have a singing Hello! Kitty clock) chimes, signalling the start of class, and my students shuffled into the classroom looking more zombie-like than usual. More than half of the class was sniffling like crazy, their noses puffy and pink. Their eyes were watery and red, and they couldn’t help pulling a sleeve over their hand to try and scratch away that nagging itch that has settled right at the corner. Every now and then a loud “ACHOO” was released into the air.
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