Craft time: Pumpkin bags

October 29, 2011

For Halloween, Christmas and Easter, we do special events at the school. This also includes special themed lessons for my Mommy and Me classes.

Since the students are so young (two and three), they don’t attend the school’s Halloween event, because let’s face it, the activities are geared towards children that are a bit older, and a lot of the costumes and so forth are just too much for them. So instead, we do a special Halloween event during class time, and the kids are encouraged to dress up.

The first 15 minutes of class are usually a normal routine, with a Halloween story thrown in for good measure. Then for the second half, we do our vocabulary and craft (all Halloween themed) and then a short trick or treating stint, where the kids knock on the classroom door, I open it, they (try to) say “Trick or Treat?”, and get a snack. This year I’ve been giving out two (wrapped) cookies and a sheet of stickers.

The vocabulary I chose was pumpkin, ghost, bat, witch, candy and spider. The book I’ve been using is a lift-up-the-flap book called “Boo Who?” by Joan Holub, and it includes all of the words that we learn later on in the lesson. The nice thing about it is that the art is really cute, so even the most timid of children aren’t scared by it, and you can get a really good rhythm going with it.

The craft for this week has been pumpkin shaped bags, and cut-outs of the vocabulary words that they can put into the bags. It’s worked really well, and here are a few reasons why:

  • The bags are made before class, so there’s no gluing or taping in class.
  • They can be personalized with faces and / or names.
  • The kids can put things into and take things out of the bags.
  • They can be used at home for studying.
  • They’re cute, and can be used for in-class trick or treating.
  • The one downside to this craft is that it’s a bit labour intensive. There’s a good deal of cutting, gluing and taping.

    It’s really easy to make, however. Just cut out two pumpkins and two stems for every bag you want to make. I made a template by printing out a pumpkin colouring page from the internet. It was a little small, so I cut a margin around it to fit my liking. Next, glue the pumpkins together by putting glue only around the edges. Don’t seal the top. Once the pumpkins are dry, glue the stems to the top. You’ll probably want to add tape too, to make them a little stronger. Finally, draw lines on to give it a more pumpkin-y feel. I used brown crayon, but anything would be okay.


    I didn’t have any kids rip them either, so they held out really well. For the things that they put in the pumpkin bags, I just printed out some clipart and cut them up.

    One of the moms stayed after class to tell me that she thought they were cute, so that was really nice to hear! The kids were even happier when they could put their cookies and stickers inside. Of course they won’t hold a lot, but they’ll hold enough for a two or three year old.

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  • Reply Hideko October 29, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    AWWW, that’s too cute. It makes me miss being a kid. 😮

    • Reply Adrienne October 29, 2011 at 7:13 pm

      Thanks! I know what you mean. I get a lot of questions about Halloween (especially from the adult students) around this time, and it makes me so nostalgic!

  • Reply Dan October 30, 2011 at 12:18 am

    You should have added a cute tail to that pumpkin! :’D

    • Reply Adrienne October 30, 2011 at 2:12 pm

      Pumpkins don’t have tails! That’s crazy talk.

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